Shakespeare's Collar by Martin Droeshout

1. The collar of Shakespeare looks like a page with letter B.
2. His doublet is an opened book.
3. Target of the engraver was to make the man an opened book.

The Droeshout engraving is an opened book. Right side of the doublet in the engraving is the book's front cover, and the other side the book's back cover. The collar is a page. The floating head looks too big for his body. This is why Ben Jonson wrote "Book" at the end. The graver was given the order to make this portrait looked like a book.
But, since he cannot, Reader, look
Not on his Picture, but his Book. (Ben Jonson)
A page can be a servant, or one side of a leaf of a book. The man William Shakespeare existed as a servant and front man. The page with letter B hides the secret of his master's name.

The letter B is needed to form Mary Sidney Herbert.

His doublet shapes a letter M. This M is used to form the name Mary Sidney by Abracadabra.
m a r y s i d n E
m a r y s i d N
m a r y s i D
m a r y s I
m a r y S
m a r Y
m a R
m A

Doublet: one of two things precisely alike or in some way identical: one of a pair or couple; a duplicate copy (OED 2a).

Page:  A boy or lad employed as a servant or attendant; hence, a male servant of the lowest grade in his line of service (OED 3).

Collar: a band put round the neck of a dog or other animal, as a means of control or identification, or for ornament; also transf. (OED 4).

(Shakespeare Authorship Question)

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