How Shakespeare Names His Characters: Protestant Pisanio vs. Catholic Cloten

In The Tragedy of Cymbeline, Cloten is a young blockhead, with clot as a dull fellow and -en as a diminutive.

Imogen fakes Cloten's name as Richard du Champ, her dead master. Richard du Champ and Cloten can spell Roman Catholic. Edmund Campion (1540-81) and Richard Field (1554-1606) were English Roman Catholic Jesuit priests. Richard Field (1561-1624) was a printer and publisher.

Pisanio is a faithful and intelligent servant who tricks Cloten. Pisanio is a perfect anagram of spy-anoy with anoy as an variant of of annoy, or a two-way anagram of spy-annoy. He is the spy who helps Imogen.

Pisanio-servant can spell Protestant.

The Tragedy of Cymbeline is placed at the end of the First Folio, because Britain wins Rome, or the Protestant wins Catholic. "Never was a War did cease (Ere bloody hands were washed) with such a Peace."

Imogen is a perfect anagram of I'm gone, one reason The Tragedy of Cymbeline being the last play in the First Folio. Her alias Fidele is a perfect anagram of defile.

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